Who are we?

Majestic Bracelets is a german company founded in 2023 directly in Bavaria. It was founded by a young man who is inspired by nature and the globe. They create an artistry out of sphere shaped stones.
Each of Majestic Bracelets’ bracelets displays the power of nature in its rawest form and an individual piece of jewelry is created. Every wearer gets an insight into the power of crystals and minerals and could profit from them.

Our Mission

Fashion For Everyone    -    Make The World A Better Place

Majestic Bracelets wants everyone to be able to have acces to affordable fashion and wants to make the world a better place. With that in mind they are happy to plan on donateing to a diversity of different help organizeations and eventually creating their own foundation to do the same. “We want to create a company that helps people, not a company that just exist to be successful. 

Majestic Bracelets represents a beautiful brand, and it’s worth mentioning that they are not your typical “artisanal craftsmanship” brand. They do believe in the importance of handcrafted jewelry, but for Majestic Bracelets it’s so much more than that. It is a way to give something back and making the world better, for everyone.

Makeing the World a better place

and this is how we help

Planting trees for every completed order and soon much more...


Our Projects


Planted Trees

0.04 t

absorbed CO2

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